There are no miracles. No luck or any favours you can call on.
Hour upon hour given to every piece of kit, design, pattern, sewing… like cycling, you push harder, then you will get a little better than last week.
This is Mysenlan, a team which seriously on making your kit, we have been designing our garments to exceed the requirements of professional athletes for over 10 years.
Our mission is to combine performance with stylishness.
With all products manufactured using only the highest quality materials,We has become a brand which constantly strive to push the boundaries in the development of new products.
You might be in a leader or peloton, or riding for grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the road. Whether training, racing, or on a hardcore group ride, you deserve the best clothes that will free your body and release all your potential.
And the best choice will be —— Mysenlan


I have a design already! I am committed to making my design all my own !

 If you want to design your own uniforms, you can click the top menu to download the design templates. Using Illustrator,Corel Draw or Photoshop to design and save as AI, PDF, or CDR ,EPS format . If the design you already have is not our template production or you only have photos of the clothing, you can also mail to us and our designers will check your work and communicate with you to make a better achieve on the clothe. 


I only have a concept of the design and need mysenlan to finalize it.

If you have concept and need help from us, you can tell us with your ideas. Our designer will communicate with you and prepare a professional draft of your design and will send it back for you to review and make changes as needed. You also can download the appropriate template for the type of uniform you want and print it out to use it as a canvas. Sketch your idea or concept on the template then scan and e-mail it with your logos. 



Since 2009, MYSENLAN has been OEM and ODM for many big brands worldwide ,that is how MYSENLAN becomes The expert for manufacturing cycling and Triathlon Apparels.
With capable and experienced staff,complete equipments,advanced technology,strict quality system ,sufficient production capacity ,on-time delivery and 1+N people-oriented service mode,MYSENLAN is committed to providing global customers with high quality ,long-term OEM and ODM business,we are ready for YOU!

Custom Cycling Pruducts